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LG Optimus GT540 smart mobile android phones


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LG smart phone base on Android platform
Unlocked GSM Quad-Band Phone with 3 MP Camera, Android OS, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth--International Version with No US Warranty (Black)
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Mini Key on Iphone 4


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If you feel uncomfortable to use touchscreen on the iPhone 4, you can plug the keyboard into the latest Apple device
A named Mini Key hardware can be installed and the extra keyboard on the iPhone 4.

This device is also claimed to solve  the problem of antennas which have been the problem the iPhone 4.

Mini Key will be equipped with a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB. These devices will be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth 4. The plan, Mini Key released to the market in late 2010. Mini Key Rates may USD 69 

What is Android ?


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What is Android ?? Some people say that Android is a brand new gadget like mobile phones, some people say like the Blackberry and some people say Application for Mobile,  the author actually confused at first what it is Android, but after searching for information here and there just finally know what it is mean  Android.
The answer is simple .......
Android is a mobile operating system uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. Originally developed for the Android Inc., a company later bought by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance.
Android is a software-based computer code that can be distributed openly (open source) so that programmers can create new applications in it, there is the Android Market which provides thousands of application of either free or paid, and has integrated Google's native application, such as google mail push email, Google Maps, and Google Calendar.

SEO for Blogspot


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SEO for Blogspot  does not turn it like SEO for WordPress blogging also other platforms. In the SEO for Blogspot there are some important areas that should be optimized, if colleagues are serious about optimizing blogspot, surely the important areas in his Blogspot must be optimized. But before I want to emphasize, that I am not an expert in terms of SEO . To optimize your Blogger Blogspot or for a SEO Friendly Blogspot there are some areas that must be done :

  1. Optimize Title page  Further information can be directly rolled into Improved Title Page SEO for Blogspot Layout and if  you are  using Classic / classic bloggers could immediately drove to the Edit Page Title For SEO Friendly Blogger. 
  2. Optimize the first paragraph of your post Blogspot, Google and other search engines usually read the characters and words in the first paragraph, the paragraph of the optimizing keyword. Suppose that in this post I want to optimize words  "SEO for Blogspot", as you can see the beginning paragraph of my written 2 sentences SEO for Blogspot. 
  3. Optimize the Meta Description and Meta Keyword Blogspot  please slide to: Meta Description and Meta Keywords for each page Blogspot and if you are using Blogger classic please slid into: Meta Description and Meta Keywords for Classical Blogger.
  4. Optimize Your Blogspot Permalink, one of the most obvious weakness is its short blogspot space provided for the keywords in the permalink (permanent link), usually shortened permalink Blogger so many keywords that are truncated. 

Relation between Google Adwords and Adsense


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Google Adwords is the advertising program offered by google to the site owners who want to promote their site, by displaying the advertiser's site link on the search results for keywords (keyword) specific.

Example: if we do a search on google with the keyword 'cancer' for example, in addition to the search results, in the quarter on the right will appear Sponsored Links / Sponsored.

Of course, the advertisers will be charged a fee depending on the popularity of the keywords chosen. But Google realizes, although he had now become the number one search engine in the world, not all Internet users in the world to use google as a search engine, so the ads on google adwords, has not been able to reach all internet users, therefore they offer to the owner of the site google adwords to advertise on their site with a revenue sharing scheme called Google Adsense. Jikaada someone who is visiting the site and clicking the participants adsense ads on the site, the site owners will get a commission from google, as this commission payment method bisaa called by the name pay per click

How to Know our blog backlinks


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Backlink or links links to your site or blog is very important, because the effect will be very strong backlinks to your blog, both in the SERP, increasing the amount of traffic and increase PageRank. I myself have also been frequently mambahas about backlinks. Some of my posting about the backlinks that you can read and learn, among others, Antara Backlink on Homepage and innerpage and Nofollow and dofollow. From both these postings you have enough to be able to understand how important a backlink to your blog.
Now the problem is now how do I know the link that was on our blog? Here we can use many ways to know the number of links that lead to our blog, depending on the parameters we want to know where we want to get info. The most difficult is the link that google indexed, because ga all the links, be it a link or links in the backlink dikomentar be indexed by Google, and link criteria that considered how google is also still a mystery. To find a link from google, how pretty easy, go to google.com or google.co.id then type "link: www.DomainAnda.com" in the search box, if you're lucky then the link will be shown by google, but if the result does not exist , do not worry we can find backlinks anymore, maybe a matter of time too because google only update the index when there is an update pagerank backlink update either minor or major.
For the second way you can also use Yahoo as a pointer the number of backlinks you have. Unlike google yahoo relatively faster and easier to index our backlinks. Way open this link http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ kemuadian in the search box type the url address of your blog for example www.bheejoo.blogspot.com, then enter, will appear later on the blog / web that provide backlinks to your blog you. Easy enough right?
Nevertheless there are many tools to look for / and determines the number of backlinks that we have, among others backlinkwatch.com, smartpagerank.cam, diagnosticoweb.com tolos and many more others, of course, with levels varying accuracy. I personally prefer to use Yahoo to find out the number of parameters link my blog, because yahoo fastest indexing new backlinks that I made, just my opinion. You can take one of the ways above and even you also can use all the methods above for more valid data.

What is Backlink ?


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Backlink is a link that leads to your site mounted on a website or blog to others. More and more number of backlinks to your site, then any search engines will assume your site is increasingly important and qualified and will certainly earn a place high enough in the search results on Google, Ask, AOE,

But this will be different with yahoo and bing who have a different arithmetic calculation of the three sites. wah dizzy dong? take it easy this is where we will find solutions together to  our backlinks.

In general, how Google assesses the core lies in the number of links that spread to sites other-directory or directory to add to our knowledge of this please see my article Google Page vs. Alex Rank

Then how do I outsmart yahoo and bing for our site to get a good place in their hearts? In short, if you are active on the mailing lists yahoo bing well and active as a mailing list automatically rank you will continue to rise. then how do it?  by introducing your blog diligently and always include a link when it is bermilis yoria.

Then how the hell I get backlinks?
1.  Exchanging blog links with friends / link exchange 

2.  Fill out a comment on a blog that do-follow
3. Manually register your site to various search engines
4.  Buying links on sites was a high page-rank selling links
5.  Promotion / advertising on various websites pay per click, advertising, etc. (google adwords, text-link-ads, etc.)
6.  And there are many other ways.